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Knee: Osteoarthritis

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Anatomical Concepts

  1399 E. Western Reserve Road, Poland, OH 44514 United States
Phone: 800/837-3888  

If you are experiencing pain, swelling and stiffness in your knee then chances are you have osteoarthritis. V-VAS™ Orthosis is a unique offloading/realigning brace. Its polycentric adjustable hinge design creates an ideal bending moment that results in the precise offloading/realigning experience. It doesn't need to be removed to adjust off-loading.
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Bauerfeind USA

76_Bauerfeindlogoweb.jpg 1230 Peachtree St. NE, Suite 1000, Atlanta, GA 30309 United States
Phone: 800/423-3405  

GenuTrain A3 knee support helps treat complex, chronic knee pain due to degenerative conditions, including osteoarthritis, early arthritis, and medial meniscus tear. Soft, moisture wicking 3D knit conforms to natural knee shape and allows for mobility while providing increased stability. Viscoelastic patella insert stabilizes and supports. Durable and machine washable.

DJO Global

  1430 Decision St., Vista, CA 92081 United States
Phone: 800/336-6569  

OA Reaction Web – Know Pain? Know Gain. Discrete solution for osteoarthritis knee pain The OA REACTION WEB brace is a unique and effective way to treat osteoarthritis knee pain utilizing patented silicone web technology. The easy to wear open framework is designed for a comfortable, non-slip fit.

Med Spec (ASO EVO)

med spec logo.jpg 4600-K Lebanon Road, Charlotte, NC 28227 United States
Phone: 800/582-4040  

The AirShift OA knee brace uses an air bladder system to comfortably unload the opposite knee compartment with a three-point leverage system. The AirShift is easy to apply due to its wraparound design and has a single hinge that is placed opposite the knee compartment being treated for unicompartmental osteoarthritis.

Townsend Design

613_12-11RG-Townsendlogo-PM-OA,PM-PTTD,SM-ACL,Fab-Central.jpg 4615 Shepard St., Bakersfield, CA 93313 United States
Phone: 800/432-3466  

Townsend Design's Reliever Series includes the industry's most diverse range of osteoarthritis knee braces: custom, custom-assembled, and presized. New braces include the Active Reliever and Dynamic Reliever. All braces include adjustable corrective force and anti-migration technology to optimize compartment unloading and patient compliance. Try our number one selling osteoarthritis brace, the Rebel Reliever, which is clinically proven to dramatically reduce pain and increase activity level and leg muscle strength.
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VQ OrthoCare

626_VQOrthoCareLogo_BlueandGrey.jpg 18011 Mitchell S., Irvine, CA 92614 United States
Phone: 800/266-6969  

VQ OrthoCare’s line of osteoarthritis knee braces includes the Catalyst Propel OA with dual Q-hinges, changing the overall varus/valgus angle of the brace, the OActive 2 (shown here), a universally sized single hinge brace that unloads either medial or lateral compartment, and the FreeFlex OA, a wrap-style brace for mild osteoarthritis.


2775 Arnold Ave., Suite A, Salina, KS 67401 United States
Phone: 785/826-2500  

Advanced Casting Technology

1021 W. Main St., Boise, ID 83702 United States
Phone: 866/999-4338  


2400 S. Pullman St., Santa Ana, CA 92705 United States
Phone: 800/916-2544  


297 High St., Dedham, MA 02026 United States
Phone: 800/225-2610  

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